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Bodypower PTS is an exciting, innovative and hotly anticipated new studio, brought to you by the team that have created some of the best brands in fitness globally - BodyPower Expo and Physique Elite

Bodypower PTS is an extension of BP CEO Nick Orton’s business philosophy combined with the support of Ollie Upton (Business Development Director) and Steve Orton (Sales & Marketing Director). Uniquely styled to optimize workouts, Bodypower PTS offers members a completely unique personal experience. This is your opportunity to be part of a new breed of studios, where results count above all else.

We have created the ultimate studio environment to optimise clients and revenues – owning a Bodypower PTS is a very sensible business decision.

At Bodypower PTS, we will be there to support the studio owner at all stages, because we recognise that offering client quality training is paramount to the studio’s success and the member’s results.

All Bodypower PTS vary in size ranging from 500sqft to 1500sqft and each is individually tailored with Cybex International Gym equipment to suit your training styles and needs.

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