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BodyPower PTS Dorridge, Solihull

BodyPower PTS Dorridge was launched in Feb 2015.

PTS Dorridge is the place for men and women to get real results, where people could be trained in a friendly yet private environment alleviating any feelings of insecurity or intimidation, and providing all the equipment and facilities you would find at your local gym.

PTS Dorridge is fully equipped for all your needs. Whether you want to sculpt your body to what you’ve always dreamed of, to condition yourself to improve your performance in your chosen sport, or just to keep healthy, reduce stress and feel great - our two lead personal trainers - Craig Richey and Richard Lovatt - can tailor your training packages to help you achieve your goals.

We are currently offering a FREE 30min health & fitness consultation for all our new clients. Please email or click "Book Now" underneath to make an appointment.


"Craig has trained me for a number of months and I have noticed amazing changes in my physique, strength, agility and general overall health. He goes above and beyond and has great motivational skills and will always get that extra 10% of effort out of me in each session. The sessions are varied and mixed so you don’t know what to expect other than hard work which keeps me coming back for more. If you want change I highly recommend Craig." - Michaela